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Warren Ellis Signature Tenor 2P - Vintage Cream

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Product Description


After 12 months of collaboration between Eastwood Guitars and multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis (The Dirty Three, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Grinderman) the new Eastwood Tenor Guitar here. This is the fourth in a series of uniquely new stringed instruments from Eastwood Guitars which include the Airline Folkstar, the Airline Ukulele and the Airline Mandola.

  • Body: Solid Alder
  • Colours: Sonic Blue, Vintage Cream, Cherry
  • Pickups: Mini Humbucker & Single Coil Blade
  • Switching: Individual on-off
  • Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
  • Bridge: Fully adjustable Tele-Style bridge
  • Neck: Maple, Bolt-on
  • Finger Board: Rosewood, Dot Markers
  • Scale Length: 23"
  • Width at the Nut: 1 5/16"
  • Hardware: Kluson Style Nickel/Chrome
  • Strings: D'Addario .32, .22, .14, .10
  • Case: Extra - 612
  • Unique Features: Warren Ellis Signature Design



Additional Specs and Setup Guide

Product Videos

Eastwood's Warren Ellis Signature Tenor DEMO - RJ Ronquillo ()
  • Eastwood's Warren Ellis Signature Tenor DEMO - RJ Ronquillo
  • Eastwood Tenor Guitar Warren Ellis Signature - Demo by Jose Macario
  • The End of the Movie
    Original piece, on Eastwood Electric Tenor, some backing track...

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  1. Great instrument - converted down 1 octave

    Posted by Patrick Reinholz on 1st Sep 2016

    What a wonderful instrument. As a cellist, I have searched for many years to get a guitar type that I could play while using all my cello frame of reference. The closest I ever got was tuning an old explorer so that I had (mostly) the same strings as a cello. With this instrument I have finally achieved my dream!

    The first thing I did with this instrument is took all of the strings off. I bought this instrument with the intention of tuning it down an octave. I had tried out the tenor bari, but I did not like how the scale made my wrist feel (using cello fingerings), to much tension. I put on .24 - .36 - .50 - .75 (to get the tension I desired)(yes, the bottom 2 are bass guitar strings and I had to basically unwind them to get them into the tuners)(a guitar shop helped with the nut) and got an instrument that beautifully crosses its tones between the guitar and the bass guitar. I prefer this sound to the sound of the tenor bari. I have been playing and giging with this instrument since October and I could not be happier. I love it so much I also bought the classic tenor (and kept it at pitch).

  2. holy sheit this sounds amazing

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2016

    Restrung with 16,24,32,42 and retuned as a ukulele with low g
    Omg it sounds so good, straight in no effects. This version has two mini humbuckers with enough variation between the two. The bridge is pretty hot. Everyone is blown away when they hear it.

  3. Perfect guitar for a cellist

    Posted by Joshua Starmer on 7th Mar 2016

    Any cellist looking to expand their sound should get one of these. The standard C-G-D-A tuning means all the notes and chords are right where you want them to be. The look of the instrument generates a lot of attention (guitar players will want to know what you're playing) and this one sounds fantastic. I was able to dial the perfect tone between the two pick-ups without any trouble. I only wish I'd gotten one of these a long time ago.

  4. Good lookin' good soundin green machine!

    Posted by Anna Frances Meyer- Les Deuxluxes- https://www.facebook.com/LesDeuxluxes on 21st Sep 2015

    BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENT! The Warren Ellis Signature Tenor is my main work-horse for all of my shows, the price is right they look great and they sound amazing too. This Metallic Margarita model is to die for with it's beautiful mirror pickguard and sparkly green, I can't wait to whip it out at my launches. Slight problem when I took it out of the case (after playing it for a few hours), the pickup sunk into the body because the spring under it got dislodged (customer service told me that might have been because of rattling during shipping...customer service is excellent by the way), I fixed it easily, just hope it won't happen during a show! I have the cherry version of this guitar with a single coil pickup, this 2 pickup version has a nice range of tone between pickup one and two and both together. I shouldn't complain too much about these guitars because the price is so reasonable, but the fact that they don't have an adjustable truss-rod makes life pretty difficult (note from EW: incorrect, the truss rod is adjustable from the heel of the neck like the 60's Fender models), and the tuning pegs are really cheap and not adjustable either, i've had to invest in new ones because they slip pretty dramatically. However, this is the only new good-looking and sounding electric tenor on the market, so if you only play tenor like me, you're hooked once you start with this company if you don't have budget to invest in vintage or custom tenor guitars. I ask a lot of these guitars on stage tuning wise and movement wise, they do the job well and Eastwood's service is personal and design is excellent!


    Posted by Ben on 21st Sep 2015

    After years of waiting, finally pulled the trigger and got my Eastwood tenor yesterday. I would have written a review earlier, but I have not been able to put this little baby down!
    I have yet to nail down an amp to pair this instrument with (leaning toward a Vox AC4TV), but this guitar sings through everything I've plugged it into. I even ran it through a headphone amp and into the AUX plug of my car stereo (I was not driving), and it was beautiful. I'm glad I waited for the dual minihumbucker version, though I'm sure all the configurations have something great to offer.
    Concerning the truss rod adjustment mentioned in the other review, it looks like they've switched to having the truss rod being adjustable from the headstock, instead of the base of the neck. Of course, it was all set up perfectly and ready to go straight out of the box...
    The feel of this tenor is perfect! It has taken just a little while to adjust to the wider neck (coming from an acoustic tenor), but it really feels more familiar from a guitarist/bassist point of view. It's the best compact size and is so comfortable to play standing or sitting.
    As far as the looks go, I could ramble on forever... Let's just say the pictures don't do it justice. That green is so distinct, acidic, and looks... alive! Paired with the maple neck and mirror pickguard, it looks like it's rockin, even when it's just sitting in a guitar stand.
    Eastwood has a great thing going with this line of tenors, and I see a great future in this instrument. If tuned in fifths (CGDA or GDAE), it is a much different instrument than your standard 6 string. Get on the cutting edge and order one NOW!
    As for me, I gotta go... It's calling my name...

  6. Snarling li'l beast

    Posted by ben on 21st Sep 2015

    It instantly became my go-to instrument. Tenor tuning took some getting used to, but it's worth it. Sounds great clean or with lots of fuzz. Love it!

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