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Sidejack Bass VI - Vintage Cream

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Product Description

The SIDEJACK series are based on the 1960's MOSRITE. Mosrite guitars were made in USA and began gaining in popularity in the early 1960's with the help of The Ventures. This new model takes its inspiration from the popular 60's Fender Bass VI model. A 30" scale 6-string Bass that is tuned E-E, a full octave below the standard electric guitar

  • Body: Bound Solid Basswood
  • Colours: Vintage Cream, Black
  • Pickups: Two Vintage EW P-90's
  • Switching: 3-Way, Active Pickup Switch 
  • Controls: 1 Volume 1 Tone
  • Bridge: Vintage Hardtail, tremolo optional
  • Neck: Bound Maple, SET neck
  • Finger Board: Rosewood, Dot Markers
  • Scale Length: 30"
  • Width at the Nut: 1 5/8"
  • Hardware: Gotoh style Style Nickel/Chrome
  • Strings: .095 .075 .055 .045 .035 .025 Medium Scale
  • Case: Extra - 613
  • Unique Features: Bass E-E tuning with tremolo


Additional Specs and Setup Guide

Product Videos

Eastwood Sidejack Bass VI demo - RJ Ronquillo ()
  • Eastwood Sidejack Bass VI demo - RJ Ronquillo
  • Eastwood Sidejack VI
  • Eastwood Guitars Sidejack DLX/Bass VI Demo

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  1. Unique

    Posted by Brandon on 28th Sep 2015

    I own this bass and it is very fun to play and it is very unique. Every time I play it at a gig I always have people asking questions about it and being interested. It sounds awesome and I enjoy it. The only problem I have with it is the Whammy Bar. It will not stay in place. With one press of it, the Whammy gets loose and is ready to fall out. (note from EWG: These are press-fit. You have not pressed it in all the way. It takes a LOT of force to install, but once properly seated, it can't possibly fall out). Very annoying. I have chosen not to use the Whammy Bar at all and have just taken it out, which is very disappointing because that was one of the deciding factors when purchasing this Bass. My advice to Eastwood would be to have the Whammy Bar screw in (like a Stratocaster) instead of it being friction based, because it does not work the way it is. Other than that it sounds good and is fun to play and has been my go-to Bass since I've gotten it.

  2. Gorgeous instrument, great sound, couple issues

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2015

    Really love the look of the black & pearl and it sounds great on my rig.

    It's neck-heavy and tends to keel over when I let go, forcing me to keep my forearm resting uncomfortably on the body or hold it up with my fingering hand, which is inconvenient.

    Also, when picked very hard, the middle strings have come loose from the ruts at the top of the neck.

    Feels great to play on, happy with my purchase.

  3. Holy crap!

    Posted by Mantis Toboggan on 20th Dec 2014

    The craftsmanship on this instrument is fantastic. For me personally, I like the versatility and playability of a guitar, but NEED the grunge and thickness of a bass -- what a perfect combination of what I'm looking for in an instrument. It sounds amazing, the highs are crips, the lows are deep. And best of all it's a hidden gem in musical community. I own six guitars and this is by far my favorite.

    My only grip is that if (when) you play too hard the low E string will fall out of its saddle on the bridge. I'll have to figure out a way to fix that, because I will not stop playing this beauty.

  4. That thing… about the strings…

    Posted by Bastiaan van Zwieten on 19th Dec 2014

    I've had my Sidekick Bass VI for two years now and have been in love with it from day one.
    Build and finish are fantastic at first glance, set-up with the supplied strings was excellent and it plays like butter.

    But even though I am deeply in love with my "SIX", there have been a few things about it that have limited it in practical use;
    - The A-string keeps popping out of the nut.
    [An angled headstock or string-guides could fix this in a new series.]
    - Electronics had to be rewired to get rid of a short.
    [There are some bad apples in any production run]
    - Shielding was inadequate for my use.
    [Nothing that a cut up half litre beercan can't fix]

    - And, there was that thing… about the strings…
    In the Netherlands, available strings are limited to one set from d'Addario and they are thin, very thin.
    After being disappointed a few times, I ordered some sets from Kalium Strings (102 76 57 43 33 24) and have been in heaven since!

    Now I know this review may seem on the negative side — Okay, that nut IS bad — but this is an instrument that can be so many things, depending on what you string it up with.

    Put on some thin ones (e.g. 0.056 - 0.012) and you can use it as baritone in B.
    Go for fat ones (e.g. 0.102 or 0.106 - 0.024) and it sings and swings like a '62 Jazzbass being played in the higher regions and can be dropped to D!

  5. Very cool guitar!

    Posted by Stephen C Shapiro on 19th Aug 2014

    I got this guitar because sometimes when I'm jamming on bass I get ideas for guitar parts that a regular bass can't reach. It's definitely fun for that, but it's a really cool sounding bass in its own right.

    The biggest downside is there really isn't room for finger-style playing. That's fine for me because I prefer to play with a pick. Also, it doesn't handle chords like I thought it might (like a baritone), but it has great bass tone. If you pick cleanly enough it is very usable on rock recordings. No one would think it wasn't a "normal" bass guitar.

  6. Well Built And Fun

    Posted by Josh Faby on 8th Aug 2014

    I've had the Sidejack Bass VI for two months now. Build quality is excellent. The neck is very comfortable and smooth playing. I only have a couple of criticisms. The tremolo arm doesn't snap or screw in to the socket. It just wedges in there and it's fallen out a few times. The low E and A strings are way easier to bend than all the lighter strings, which seems a little odd to me, but not insurmountable when developing a playing style on a whole new instrument. The P90s are very noisy on their own, but luckily they're wired out of phase, so the middle switch position cancels all the hum and gives a great all around tone. It's heavy! I play a 4003, so I'm used to plenty of weight, but it might shock a guitar player. I am thoroughly addicted to this instrument to the point that my cherished Rickenbacker is hardly getting a glance. Overall I'm super happy with it and would recommend Eastwood to anyone looking to add to their collection. This definitely will not be my last Eastwood. (Note from Eastwood: The trem arms are press fit. First install must be pressed in much harder than you think. Once properly installed it will never "fall" out, but can be pulled out for storage)

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