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The Originals - Gretsch Astrojet

In 1964, Gretsch guitars wanted to create a “space-age” image with a new, modern guitar, it chose to name the model the Astro-Jet, possibly inspired by the TV show, The Jetsons. A decade earlier, seeing Gibson’s success with the Les Paul model, Gretsch introduced it’s first line of solid body guitars, the black Duo-Jet, Silver [...]

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The Originals - Magnatone Mark 5

THE "ORIGINALS" - MAGNATONE MARK Vby Mike Robinson Magnatone guitars are pretty rare. They were made in very small quantities from the mid 50's and into the late 60's. The Magnatone brand is more commonly known for their highly collectable vintage amplifiers, featuring their unique "true vibrato" system. As for their guitars, the 1950's models are [...]

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The Originals - Domino Californian Rebel

And we’ll have fun, fun, fun ’till daddy takes the T-bird away. The beach. The sun. California has flirted with national popularity ever since the Gold Rush. And when filmmakers discovered the endless summer of Hollywood, its ascent to national dominance as a symbol became assured. But it really wasn’t until the 1960s that California [...]

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