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Left Hand Vintage Guitars From Eastwood Guitars


Eastwood Guitars has been proudly making guitars since 2001. We're really excited about the guitars we're making right now and even more excited about our left hand guitars! Our series of vintage models are absolutely the best vintage remakes of popular designs from the 60's and 70's, capturing the excitement, style, and tone of the originals without the expensive price tag. From our classic Mosrites to the best-selling AIRLINE remakes, you're sure to find a style and model that you fall in love with.

As we're sure you know because you're on our site, the prices of these original models increase on a yearly basis. These skyrocketing prices are good for the sellers, but not for people like you who want to play one of the originals. Here at Eastwood, we have another option for you: remarkable, high quality vintage remakes of the originals without the high price! We even have left hand guitars for those of you who are Jimi Hendrix fans.

All of our Eastwood Guitars are fitted with only the highest quality modern components. These modern components offer exceptional playing quality that far exceeds the playing components of the originals. Besides, it's hard to find a guitar that oozes as much vintage style and tone as an Eastwood Guitar for the price we're offering!

Browse around our site and check out our collections! We offer extremely fast shipping - all guitars ship within 2-5 days! Plus, we offer a no-questions-asked return policy for guitars that are purchased directly from us. 

Our 6 Favorite Left Hand Guitars

Here at Eastwood Guitars, we've been creating exciting, world-renown electric guitars since 2001. We love vintage guitars just as much as the next guitarist, but they're becoming harder and hard to find and play! Our mission has been to make a series of guitars – our RADICAL VINTAGE REMAKE line – to capture the excitement and tone of the [...]

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A Brief History of Mosrite Guitars

Known for their hot pick-ups, one-of-a-kind sound and remarkable design, it's no wonder why we have Mosrite guitars for sale. With humble beginnings in the 1950's, this particular design took off in a big way and its equal has never really been found.Semie Moseley seemed like just another teenager. Playing the guitar with his brother [...]

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Left Hand Guitars and Their Famous Guitarists: Hendrix

Left-handers live in a right-handed world. While 1 in 10 are estimated to prefer their left, it is still hard to find a desk in a college classroom, to find a baseball glove that fits, and most especially, to find left hand guitars.Not only are left hand guitars nice because they just seem to fit better [...]

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Better Than the Originals? The Best of Vintage Guitars

The originals are the classics. The sleek styles, unique shapes, and flashy colors of the 50s and 60s are hard to forget and nothing can replace the smooth sounds of hand-made vintage guitars. Designed to be a piece of art all their own, all guitarists have a profound respect for the classic form.However, there is [...]

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We're Bringing Vintage Back

The key is the sound. Guitars used to be hand-crafted, each made with careful precision and diligence, creating a smooth, classic sound which is almost impossible to replicate with modern machinery. The material, assembly, and style all lend to incomparable tones that seem to drift out of a guitar that will hold its value for a [...]

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Amazing Left Hand Electric Guitars

You've always wanted to learn to play the guitar. You grew up listening to musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. You were enraptured by the guitar playing and wished that you could learn to play just a little bit. If you were born a southpaw, Eastwood Guitars has amazing left hand [...]

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The Originals - Mosrite Californian

Mosrite Californian Very little information is available on this unique Mosrite resonator model. These were made in the early 1960's and were available in black or sunburst. As very few are seen these days it would be a good assumption that production levels were low and it was not a successful model for Semie Moseley. The Californian [...]

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Why We Love Guitars (And You Should, Too!)

To be a connoisseur of classic sounds you first need the knowledge that goes with the “Vintage” era of guitars. Many of today’s guitar players got their inspiration from models such as the ’66 Mosrite Original Mark-I. The sleek sunburst finish with the sharp cutaway and a “Moseley” tailpiece made this guitar one of the most well known Mosrite Vintage Guitars to [...]

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The Originals - National Newport

1960's National Newport These days, most people know the brand National because of their excellent metal body resonator guitars. But National actually started in 1926 and eventually ended up as Valco, based in Chicago, manufacturing National, Supro and Airline guitars. After years of slab wooden bodies in various shaped and colors, Valco started producing fibreglass bodies. Although [...]

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