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These Electric Guitar Lines Never Get Old!


The Ramones, Jimi Hendrix, Glen Campbell, Kurt Cobain, John Entwistle, Elliot Easton. All of these famous musicians had one thing in common, do you know what that is? They all played Mosrites! These vintage Radicals are responsible for some of the sweetest sounds ever made.

To truly be a guitar player you have to know the history of its use. Though we can't go into the entire history, we like to focus on the vintage sounds from the 60’s to now! I know what you thinking, that is a huge span of time to cover in one small article. It’s really not that hard, when you find a sound and an instrument you like, you will find several different ways to manipulate it until you develop your own unique style. From getting that smooth jazzy tone with a single coil pick up, all the way to shredding leads - every spectrum can be covered with today's technology and advancement in Guitar effects pedals and accessories that can be purchased.

The hard part today is finding Vintage Guitars at a price you can afford, or let alone finding an original model! Eastwood® Guitars has taken the hassle and the price out of the way to provide you with several models of Radical Vintage Remakes covering a wide array of guitars to fill the void you so long looked for at an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to empty your wallet to recharge your soul. All guitars come with a 3 Year limited Warranty. Guitars purchased directly from us receive a no-questions-asked return policy. Or, if you are located near an Eastwood® Dealer, you can buy from them at the same direct price we offer online.

Enjoy a Video from R.J. Ronquillo Jammin The Airline '59

​The Originals - Harmony Stratotone H44

"The Originals" Harmony Stratotone H44 The H44 model was made from 1952 through 1957. The unique design featured 1 pickup and "Neck-through" construction. This means it was one piece of wood from head to tailpiece, and two added "ears" to form the body. Here is the description from the original catalog: SOLID BODY ELECTRICS MODEL H44 - [...]

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The Originals - Wandre Tri-Lam

THE "ORIGINALS" - WANDRE TRI-LAM Wandre Guitars was started by the Italian guitar manufacturer Antonio Pioli, nicknamed "Wandre". These wild and weird electric guitars are famous for their original shapes, aluminum necks and unique switches. The guitars were originally designed and manufactured in early 1960s by Pioli in Cavriago, Italy. Very small productions were made, which [...]

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The Originals - Gretsch Astrojet

In 1964, Gretsch guitars wanted to create a “space-age” image with a new, modern guitar, it chose to name the model the Astro-Jet, possibly inspired by the TV show, The Jetsons. A decade earlier, seeing Gibson’s success with the Les Paul model, Gretsch introduced it’s first line of solid body guitars, the black Duo-Jet, Silver [...]

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The Originals - Magnatone Mark 5

THE "ORIGINALS" - MAGNATONE MARK Vby Mike Robinson Magnatone guitars are pretty rare. They were made in very small quantities from the mid 50's and into the late 60's. The Magnatone brand is more commonly known for their highly collectable vintage amplifiers, featuring their unique "true vibrato" system. As for their guitars, the 1950's models are [...]

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The Originals - Domino Californian Rebel

And we’ll have fun, fun, fun ’till daddy takes the T-bird away. The beach. The sun. California has flirted with national popularity ever since the Gold Rush. And when filmmakers discovered the endless summer of Hollywood, its ascent to national dominance as a symbol became assured. But it really wasn’t until the 1960s that California [...]

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