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Airline® H78™ - Honeyburst

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Product Description

This tribute to the 1960's Airline H77/78 - which at the time was also available under the brands of Harmony and Silvertone - covers all the best parts of the originals, but kicks it up a notch for 2014. True in almost every detail to the original, "upgraded" features include the new Gold Foil Argyle pickups, a modern roller bridge for tuning stability, a center block for Bigsby stability and feedback suppression.

  • Body: Bound Laminated Maple, Vintage F-Holes
  • Colours: Honeyburst
  • Pickups: Three Airline Argyle "Gold Foil" SC
  • Switching: 3- on/off 
  • Controls: 3 Volume 3 Tone
  • Bridge: Adjustable Roller Bridge, Bigsby B-70
  • Neck: Bound Maple, Bolt-on, Bound Headstock
  • Finger Board: Rosewood, Block Markers
  • Scale Length: 24 3/4" (628mm)
  • Width at the Nut: 1 5/8""
  • Hardware: Gotoh style Style Nickel/Chrome
  • Strings: #9-#46
  • Case: Hardhell case INCLUDED
  • Unique Features: Airline Gold Foil Pickups
  • Suggested Retail: $979.00 US


Additional Specs and Setup Guide

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  1. Every time I open the case, my Airline H78 makes me grin

    Posted by Chris M on 20th Dec 2016

    This guitar is gorgeous and it plays and sounds great. I had wanted this one for a long time, and now that it’s here, it’s even nicer than I had hoped. The five-ply binding is fantastic, the paint is very nearly perfect. Even the setup was good right out of the box.

    The neck binding was spot on, and the frets nicely polished; the inlays were gap free. The fret ends could use a little filing, but the heat has been on, and that’s true for a couple of my newer guitars. I’ve got to get a humidifier in the case and you should, too.

    The gold foil pickups were a real surprise. I played it acoustically for the first couple of days after it first arrived, then through headphones and a practice amp, and all that was great. When I plugged into my Blues Junior, though, it was revelatory with a touch of dirt on it. You can do a lot with three tone and three volume controls to dial in your sound.

    If you’re thinking about getting this guitar, just pull the damn trigger already. Some of these guys are picking nits about the details, but this isn’t a $3,500 custom shop guitar. You can always take a marker to the F-hole if it bothers you, or use an emery board on the edges of the pup cavities. It’s clearly as good if not better than the new Gretsch guitars at my local shop, and very much cooler.

    Go on, you know you wanna...

  2. Good, could be great.

    Posted by Mark on 12th Dec 2016

    This is a difficult review to make because I own several Eastwood Airline guitars including the map, tuxedo and 3p. First off, the body of this guitar looks even better in person than in pictures. The tone and playability of this guitar is excellent. Where this guitar loses points is in some of the details...details that were not overlooked on other Airlines I own. First, the binding along the neck is sloppy, the tortoise shell cover on the headstock was not secured fully, the metal bracket that holds the pick guard is not grounded and creates clicks and pops through the amp, the lower f hole under the pick guard is not painted under the pick guard but is everywhere else (indicating that the individual who did that was not detailed enough to remove the pick guard to complete the job) and the fretwork on the bass side of the neck is uneven at best. Are these details that one can live with? Yes. Are they details that make me wonder if this guitar is worth the money? Unfortunately, yes! There are a lot of hollowbody/semihollow guitars out there and for a company who really pushes the idea of buying a guitar online, site unseen, these details need to be taken care of to maintain a customer base. Will I keep this guitar instead of returning it and wait for another model that may or may not have the same or similar issues? Yes...the guitar sounds that good! However, my faith in buying a guitar without playing it is officially spoiled. I may buy another Eastwood guitar in the future because I do like the styles and sounds they are recreating but it more than likely will be in a guitar shop that carries Eastwood...which is fairly rare in my neck of the woods. For reference, I purchased my map dlx in the same way and was extremely impressed with the process because the guitar looked great, played great and was set up beautifully (even with a trip across the country in sub zero temperatures). The h78 did not give me that same feeling of success (tone aside). I plan on updating my review once I've had the guitar for a few months. Also for a reference point to this review, I play in a blues/rock band and gig locally somewhere between 10 and 20 shows per year. I use a few pedals, mostly overdrive and fuzz through a Marshall dsl40 and fender bassbreaker15.

  3. Beautiful Guitar!

    Posted by Michael on 9th Dec 2016

    Very impressed with the looks and quality of the instrument. It was what I was looking for and can't wait to play it more and more. I am very happy with this guitar.

  4. My first Eastwood Airline and I‘m very impressed!

    Posted by V.K. on 5th Oct 2016

    Got the H78 a couple of weeks ago, it came in a really nice hard shell case. Opened the case and WOW what a beauty, gorgeous guitar, love the finish.
    Came setup perfectly, nice and low action, not too low though. Seems really well built, couldn‘t spot a single flaw in fit and finish, frets level no fret buzz and fret ends nice and smooth. Neck is quite slim c profile and really comfortable to play. The Bigsby is nice and the roller saddles are a really nice touch. Everything stays in tune well.

    Really like the pickup switching and the pickups deliver big time. Gorgeous clean tones from every pickup position/combination. They do produce a bit of that single coil hum but nowhere as much as you would get from your average strat single coils. When overdriven they produce a humbucker like sound, very full and thick. All in all just really versatile guitar handles everything from smooth jazz to blues and rock. Highly recommended!

  5. About those 3 Tone Pots....

    Posted by hippiekarl on 12th Jul 2016

    I've had mine for about a month and a half, now, and had the chance to play enough to share my impressions:
    Mine came set up well, and close to standard tuning out of the box. It was a B-stock, but I've failed to find any supposed blemishes in the finish (as described). It sounds better, I think, with a 2x10" or a 2x12" cab (maybe because you can hear some bottom that's not as present with a 1x12", as some reviewers have noted). It might be a little thin and trebly if all you use is say, a Blues Jr. or Champion 600-type amp. Mine has it's fullest voice through my SF TwinReverb or Carvin X100B w/2x12". Plenty of tweed grit with the gain up on middle/neck, too....
    This'll never be my 'play-the-whole-show' guitar (20 frets precludes wailing in a couple of keys, for me), but it has a great voice for T-Bone Walker through Crazy Horse type stuff(!)....
    Here's my complaint with this otherwise '5 star' stage-guitar: mine, at least, is wired in such a way that ALL 3 tone pots affect any/all pickups; they are ~not~ each dedicated to their own pickup as you might hope or assume. That was a real disappointment to discover, but I'm not going to spend $100 to return it over that (I may pay a similar amount to someone nearby with a shop to re-wire them properly, though, since I can't get my hand inside an f-hole guitar). I have 17 guitars right now (this is my 4th Eastwood/Airline, along with a CalRebel, a lap steel, and a Stormbird), and this one and my Blueshawk are the only ones I can't get inside of.....sigh!
    This is a good-sounding, offbeat guitar; somewhere between a Gretch White Falcon and a ES-335, and I'd recommend it to any blues guys/classic rockers/rockabillies, tone-pot issue notwithstanding.

  6. Great guitar and service.

    Posted by Ross on 7th Jun 2016

    I have been eyeing an airline guitar for some time now and was looking at the MAP for a few years. I never took the plunge for reasons unknown.

    Any way a few weeks ago a stumbled across this reissue of the H78 (how i missed this being released i dont know). Being a massive black keys and Dan Auerbach fan i just had to have this guitar. As this is the guitar Dan uses during live shows for there "early music section" this was the tone i have been chasing for a while. I am pleased to say this guitar can deliver that tone by the bucket load especially with the right pedals in front of a cranked valve amp.

    The guitar was well set up from straight from the box and i didn't need to touch a thing on it although i wanted to as i like having a play with these things. The finish on the frets is brilliant at this price point and has no fret buzz or high frets from what i can make out which is in stark contrast to an electromatic gretsch i have which seems to buzz all over the place.

    Although this has a center block installed (unlike its namesake) it does not seem to affect the vintage tones you can obtain from this guitar and if anything i prefer it for the sustain and warm tone it adds.

    I was a little hesitant to order an airline because it is not a make which you see everywhere all the time in the guitar world. I read a few reviews to see how the quality of manufacture was and they were all positive so i took the plunge and i am so glad i did. The build quality is fantastic and the finish and set up on point. The included hard case was another bonus and is top notch again in the quality department. The gold foil pickups are just magic and the tonal options endless with each one having its own switch as well as a tone a volume. I find the neck blended with a little bridge pickup sounds fantastic and it sounds every part a vintage axe.

    Needless to say Carl at Eastwood UK looked after me and answered all my questions (i had a few to say the least). He even done me a nice deal on an airline strap which is also fantastic.

    If you are not sure whether you should buy this guitar my advise is you most defiantly should.

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